A sweet treasure discovered when moving home

When I helped Marcia move from her home in Warkworth, Auckland to a nearby retirement village, the focus for Your Easy Move was the professional packing of Marcia’s precious china and glassware. Each piece told a story. Marcia had kept many items from her parents and from her own life, including a very fine and delicate tea set and a very small and beautiful china shoe which was the decoration from the top of her wedding cake.

Whilst I was carefully packing these precious items, Marcia was busy sorting and packing other areas of her home. She showed me an old sugar sack which she said had been in her family for as long as she could remember. She told me that in her childhood sugar and flour was delivered in sacks and then decanted into jars or containers in the kitchen. Quite often the sacks, once emptied, were made into clothing or useful items such as oven gloves or knee patches for trousers. The sack Marica had was at least 70 years old. I asked her what she intended to do with it and she said she was unsure. I made a comment that Chelsea Sugar Factory in Auckland could be interested in displaying the sack in their Visitors Centre. Marcia thought this was a great idea.

Some weeks later, with Marcia’s permission, I took a photo of the sack, contacted Chelsea Sugar Factory and told them that when moving home Marcia had rediscovered the sack and wondered if the factory would be interested in having it. They replied that they would love to, so I arranged to visit the factory to hand them the sugar sack on behalf of Marcia. Here’s a picture of me giving the sack to Loren who told me the sack will be showed or displayed to visitors to the factory.

Moving home unearthed many memorable items for Marcia and it was comforting for her, and rewarding for me, to ensure those memories were preserved and shared with others. If you’re moving in Auckland and looking for a move manager or a professional packer, we’d love to help make moving a joyful and memorable experience for you too.

Clare Gregory-Jones, Owner of Your Easy Move with Chelsea Sugar factory employee, Loren, holding a 70 year old sugar sack in the sugar factory visitors centre reception.